Tuesday, 11 October 2011

4th and Final Year

So, quite unbelievably I'm now in my fourth and final year of my Fine Art course and working hard towards the Degree Show and, dare i say it, my dissertation. After lots of umming and aaahing I decided to carry on with my 'Food Memories' idea but this year making it a lot more personal to me by concentrating on my own memories instead of other peoples. Almost doing 'food portraits' of sorts by creating portraits of all the important people/moments that are in or have been in my life with the food that strongly connects with my memory of them. 

As well as painting this year I tend to turn some of my images into screen or litho prints, adding text to slightly explain my work, the idea being that this would eventually be turned into an artist book. 
I also have some big plans for the Degree Show next year but more on that later!

First painting of the year - donuts... Still a long way to go but the first few coats are down!

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